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Robin J. Gray Representing Family Seeking Damages in Suit Over Woman's Corpse Left at Rehab Center - New York Post, July 30, 2022

Robin J. Gray Represents Family in Harlem Nursing Home Decomposing Body Suit - NY Daily News, April 09, 2020

Personal Injury Case

New York Car Accident

Outcome: $30,000 settlement

Description: Client was rear-ended and suffered a torn meniscus in her knee.

Personal Injury Case

Slip and Fall

Outcome: $175,000 settlement

Description: Truck driver fell in an open pit in a weigh station and suffered ankle injuries.

Personal Injury Case

Car/Auto Accident

Outcome: $220,000 settlement

Description: Client had hip and back injuries requiring surgery.

Civil Rights Case

Dombrowski v. Governor Mifflin School District

Outcome: $200,000.00 settlement

Description: A Caucasian individual was a witness for an African-American administrator and was fired for her support of the administrator.

Child Custody Case

Outcome: Father awarded full custody

Description: Wife illegally took children out of state. Father sued for custody and was awarded full custody of his three children by the trial court and the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

Divorce Case

Outcome: Parties divorced without suffering financial losses.

Civil Rights Case

Nunez v. City of Reading Police Department

Outcome: $250,000.00 settlement

Description: Police brutality against a Hispanic male.

Personal Injury Case

Car/Auto Accident

Outcome: $50,000.00 settlement

Description: Driver of vehicle was struck in rear by a van and suffered back and neck injuries.

Personal Injury Case

Motorcycle Accident

Outcome: Settled for policy limits of $100,000.00

Description: Client involved in motorcycle accident suffered a serious knee injury.

Personal Injury Case

Car/Auto Accident

Outcome: $50,000.00 settlement

Description: Client was rear-ended by a pickup truck and sustained back and neck injuries.

Immigration Case

Outcome: Obtained permanent residence and United States citizenship

Description: Client was in danger of persecution in home country and sought refuge in United States. She is now a citizen of the United States.

Personal Injury Case

Car/Auto Accident

Outcome: $200,000.00 settlement

Description: Client in motor vehicle accident suffered severe leg and back injuries requiring surgery.


Outcome: Obtained permanent residence

Description: Individual entered United States without proper documentation. We were successful in obtaining a 212(h) waiver and she is now a permanent resident in United States.

Personal Injury Case

Car/Auto Accident

Outcome: $210,000.00 settlement

Description: Passenger of a small pickup truck was injured when struck in rear at an intersection by a tractor trailer. Injuries included several herniated discs and three back surgeries.

Insurance Law Case

Admirals Cove v. Zurich American, et al

Outcome: $400,000.00 settlement

Description: Insurance coverage case in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Property Damage Case


Outcome: Jury awarded Plaintiff $650,000.00

Description: Insurance claim by Plaintiff business against Defendant's insurance company for vandalism claim occuring at a business.

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